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Why choose car share in Melbourne

There’s no doubt about Melbourne’s status as one of the most livable cities in the world. There’s the plethora of great cafes and restaurants, the jam-packed cultural calendar, and the world-class tram system that makes navigating and enjoying the city relatively easy.

The city is also easily navigable on a bike, with many streets now featuring purpose built bike lanes that make cycling in the city a whole lot safer. There really is no need to own a car if you’re living in Melbourne’s inner suburbs. That’s why joining a car share scheme is such a great option for when you need a car – but without the commitment.

There are many benefits to car sharing, most notably the freedom it gives you to choose when you need a car and when you don’t. But the benefits don’t stop there. Here’s ten of our best.


Ten reasons to choose car share and Flexicar:

– Sharing is caring (obviously).

– A car share is better if you’re on a budget.

– Being a Flexicar member means never paying for mechanics.

– If you have commitment phobia, Flexicar is as non-committal as it gets. Change your plan or cancel at any time, no fees, no worries!

– Using a car share is better for the environment. Fewer cars on the road means less CO2 and cleaner, fresher air for everyone. Hurray!

– Being a Flexicar member means less traffic on the roads and more parking available in your local neighbourhood. Amen to that.

– With Flexicar, you can do that IKEA trip without dragging all your stuff back home on the tram.

– You can save some extra cash by not having to catch a taxi everywhere.

– You can book a Flexicar online, over the phone or via our mobile app – just minutes before you need to hit the road.

– Join Flexicar for the convenience of having a car when you need it without the commitments of owning one.


That’s ten awesome reasons a share car from Flexicar is the ultimate option for those who enjoy the luxury of flexibility.

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