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How it Works

How Flexicar works

For potential members

For new members

There are 5 simple steps to driving a Flexicar.

1. Pick your plan

Select a plan based on how often you want to drive. They start from as little as $8.50 per hour, with unlimited kms.

2. Join online

Apply online. To become a member you must be 18 years old and have valid license. You can even join if you're on your P plates or have an international licence. We'll run a quick check of your driving record, and let you know when you're ready to drive - usually within 48 hours or 2 business days. (Please note that during periods when there is a high volume of applications, your application may take up to 3 business days to process.)

3. Book a car

Jump online or use our mobile apps to book a Flexicar. Choose the location you want to pick up from, and book your car for an hour or two or up to 5 days. You can book at the last minute or in advance, it's up to you.

4. Unlock your Flexicar

You'll receive a 6-digit entry PIN 15 minutes before your booking starts. Enter the PIN code into the Pin Pad on the driver's side windshield of your Flexicar; a green pulse means the Flexicar will unlock. The keys are inside the Flexicar, use them during your booking.

5. Drive!

Use your car for the time you've booked it! Return it to the same location with at least 1/4 tank of petrol (fuel cards are in your car), leave the keys in the car and enter the 6-digit PIN code into the Pin Pad again to lock the Flexicar and end your booking.

Why car share?

Carsharing is a cost-effective, clever and simple alternative to owning or renting a vehicle. When you join Flexicar you’ll become part of a worldwide carsharing movement. Carsharing is particularly successful in Europe where it has helped thousands of people, just like you, save valuable time and money.

As a Flexicar carsharer, you will form part of a close-knit community of smart, like-minded Australians who are putting the planet first. You’ll reduce your impact on our environment and save hundreds of dollars in return.

If we don’t have a Flexicar near you just yet, please email us to let us know where we should be placing our next Flexicars.

Download the Flexicar app for free today.